About Benock Putters

Found in 1999 by Jun Okuda, the company was initially started with manufacturing of metal molds used to make cell phone parts.  After 10 years in the metal mold business, the company starts developing putters applying the advanced milling techniques developed thru their the metal mold business.  In 2011, the company starts focus on sales of their ultra precision CNC milled putters.  By 2013, Benock has transitioned to exclusively manufacture and sales of putter products.  Benock putters are manufactured using advanced CNC micro milling techniques to produce putters that are best in the world in quality as well as performance.  Combined with their unique putter fitting methodology have quickly reached the pinnacle of high end boutique putter brand in Japan.


Jun Okuda / Benock timeline

March 1989

Graduated Osaka University of Arts, Visual Concepts Planning

April 1989

Due to the sluggish film industry, there were no film jobs available at the time. In order to keep the dream of entrepreneurship alive, a decision was made to join a securities company.

Summer 1993

To pursue entrepreneurship in the electronic parts market left the securities company.


Joins an electronics trading company. While focusing on manufacturing of metal micro parts, pursued entrepreneurship in the cellular phone industry.

October 1999

Starts Benock for manufacturing of metal micro parts.


Start manufacturing of metal mold used for making light-guide plates used in cell phone devices.


Begin manufacturing of metal mold used for making commercial connector parts. Manufacture molds for making sensor lens used for Inkjet Printers.


Begin manufacture of mass sensors used for digital scale.


Begin Prototype development of putters.

Begin manufacture of the metal mold to make automotive terminals.

Begin manufacture of parts required for an underlying technology required for the development of secondary Lithium battery.

Summer 2011

Begin sales of Benock Putters.

Spring 2012

Begin custom order events at a major department store.

Spring 2013

Consolidated to putter business only.

The company, known widely in the Japanese market for their unique “balance angle method” approach to custom putter fitting as well as highly advanced, state of the art CNC micro milling manufacturing process, will distribute their putter products thru TourSpecGolf, specialists in delivering premium Japanese golf equipment to enthusiasts globally.

Benock has been manufacturing custom CNC milled putters for the most demanding putter connoisseurs in Japan. Benock’s design and manufacturing process are all done under one roof starting from design of the heads by founder Jun Okuda himself followed by in house CNC programming to carefully but strategically place CGs in specific locations to create optimal stroke performance. Their advanced CNC micro milling utilizes technique to minimize accumulation of stress to the ingot SUS303 or SUS316L material while achieving the tight tolerance levels that do not change with time.

Benock founder and President Jun Okuda says  “When the putter is designed to match a player’s natural stroke, the ball will roll straight to where it is aimed and over time will help make a player’s stroke more consistent. “ Benock hopes their customers will be filled with a sense of pride owning a personalized putter of highest quality and precise spec.