Found in 1999 by Jun Okuda, the company was initially started with manufacturing of metal molds used to make cell phone parts.  After 10 years in the metal mold business, the company starts developing putters applying the advanced milling techniques developed thru their the metal mold business.  In 2011, the company starts focus on sales of their ultra precision CNC milled putters.  By 2013, Benock has transitioned to exclusively manufacture and sales of putter products.  Benock putters are manufactured using advanced CNC micro milling techniques to produce putters that are best in the world in quality as well as performance.  Combined with their unique putter fitting methodology have quickly reached the pinnacle of high end boutique putter brand in Japan.


The company, known widely in the Japanese market for their unique “balance angle method” approach to custom putter fitting as well as highly advanced, state of the art CNC micro milling manufacturing process.

Benock has been manufacturing custom CNC milled putters for the most demanding putter connoisseurs in Japan. Benock’s design and manufacturing process are all done under one roof starting from design of the heads by founder Jun Okuda himself followed by in house CNC programming to carefully but strategically place CGs in specific locations to create optimal stroke performance. Their advanced CNC micro milling utilizes technique to minimize accumulation of stress to the ingot SUS303 or SUS316L material while achieving the tight tolerance levels that do not change with time.

Benock founder and President Jun Okuda says  “When the putter is designed to match a player’s natural stroke, the ball will roll straight to where it is aimed and over time will help make a player’s stroke more consistent. “ Benock hopes their customers will be filled with a sense of pride owning a personalized putter of highest quality and precise spec.


Putter made by Benock has unparalleled design and quality. They always come with original design and supported by endless possibilities. Benock Putter is the Ultimate expression of your individuality.

Benock Easpade B Type

Derived a golden ratio spec from the large fitting data, it follows the bladed design of the Andira model.

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Benock Easpade M Type

Allows accurate aim by blending straight lines and curves in its design. It is designed for players who prefer mallets and provides them good aiming and stroke impressions.

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Benock Easpade S Type

Like tracing the target line, its Avant Garde form is for the golfer who likes to swing. The design also incorporate the know-how to minimize off center hits.

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Benock Angie

Based on the Andira model which was introduced in 2015 as the most beautiful blade putter in the world, this masterpiece was designed in collaboration P-Tune founder Mr. Hato.

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Benock Patti

Patti has a CG depth that falls right in between the legendary Yanap model and Kumbhira Tour Bend model. This is the first model targeted for advocates of “2 putters in the bag”.

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Benock Sandila

Unique shallow flange design targeted for players who want to control the putter with their hands. Positioned to fit right in between an L shaped putter and a Cash In putter.

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Benock offes so many custom options for you in making your one and only putter


30+ Models of the putter can be chosen as you model base putter to build


You can put your name or any stamping on your putter


You can freely adjust your putter specification based on your playing style

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